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Today, plenty of opportunities are waiting for professionals who dare to stand up and make a change in the world around them. Strategic thinking, leadership skills, and building business acumen can add to the versatility of a management professional.


Are you eyeing the world’s Top B-Schools like Harvard, Stanford, Kellogg, and Wharton? Are you determined to enter your dream college? 


If you are ready to welcome a significant transformation in your career through a global MBA or MIM degree, we are glad to offer our services to you! Through our Complete Application Packages (CAP), we ensure that your profile gets the right preparation so as to outshine the rest of the applicants.


The CAP allows you to work with us on our in-house developed 8-Step Process - a highly detailed, intense and comprehensive process where we work with you on every step of the application process - from identifying your unique strengths to laying out your career plan and working with you on your resumes and essays.


The 8-Step Process has been designed by our expert consultants to guide applicants in the pursuit of their MBA/MIM dreams.


We, at Management Masters, are here to make this complex journey easier, fun, and productive.

How We Work?

We hold a series of One-To-One workshops with our candidates, focusing on identifying the various aspects of their profiles which can help them get a clear understanding of their own story.

Through these workshops, we identify their key strengths and what makes them unique, their career story, their short and long-term goals, and their target business schools with whom they identify the most.

All our workshops are done over video-calls, without any restrictions on the time-limit. We believe that if we are to help our candidates prepare their best applications, time cannot be a limiting factor in that journey.

​Once we are done with the workshops, we then provide guidance on choosing the best referees, developing the resume and eventually reviewing their essays for the selected B-Schools. 

We are accessible to our candidates through various channels, such as video calls, phone calls, WhatsApp, and other social media.


One-to-one Workshops

Dedicated workshops for each step of the process with experts.

10+ contact hours

We spend an average 10+ contact hours per candidate on developing their profiles.



Unlimited Edits for essays & SOPs. We have just one goal, to ensure that you apply with the best possible essays.

Anytime Contact

We do not restrict the number of phone calls, or when you can connect with us to clarify any doubts or questions.

What Our Candidates Say About Our Process?


Management Masters is different from others as they help without any limits on contact hours or edits. They brought a structure to my applications.


The best thing for me was the self awareness workshops, strengths and weaknesses and a better understanding about what to expect from MBA.


The discussion on short-term and long-term career goals/vision made me confident to explain 'Why MBA' to the interviewers.


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