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ISB Interviews Master-Class

Learn from those who took ISB interviews!

Invited for your interview with ISB? Or are you waiting for your invite?

Join us in an exclusive session to learn more about the interview process, key questions and tips on preparing for the interview - with former ISB interview panelists!

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Date & Time

07 Oct'20

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm


For 2020 intake at ISB, we worked with 8 candidates, of whom 7 received an admit from the school.

About Management Masters

About the Event

This Masterclass on the ISB Interviews will help you understand how to prepare for ISB interviews. We will cover the following aspects in the event:

  • The role of the ISB interview in the selection process.

  • Values that ISB looks for

  • How to answer the most important questions in the interview

Apart from all these, receive some amazing benefits by signing up: 

  • a detailed questionnaire to help you prepare for your interview.

  • free membership of an EXCLUSIVE MBA Aspirants WhatsApp group

  • an exclusive Discount on our MOCK Interview packages...

The 1-hour session will be taken online, for a small group of ISB aspirants. 

Delivery Platform

INR 999/- only

The session will be done over online meeting softwares. Registrants will receive the link for the meeting 30 minutes before the session.

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