On-Call Session

Have you ever thought of mitigating risks, building definitive application strategies, and other aspects that you wanted to talk about rather directly with an expert?


Book a call with our expert consultants today, and resolve your doubts.

How to book a call?

  • Drop us an email at contact@managementmasters.in

  • Provide the following information in the email

    • A brief background about yourself

    • A list of questions you would like to discuss

    • At least 3 dates and time slots for scheduling the call.

What’s included in the session? 

  1. One-hour call session with an expert consultant

  2. Clear answers to your questions

INR 2,999

*taxes extra

Mock Interviews

How you present yourself during the interview has a huge impact on the final decisions you receive! In fact, not just your words, but your attitude, persona, way of talking, gestures, and a lot more matters in your interview.

Our mock interviews are conducted by expert consultants, and alumni of some of the world’s best business schools - people who have been through similar experiences.


In fact, some of our interviewers also serve as interviewing panelists for their alma maters.

What’s included in the package? 

  1. Initial discussion session (30 minutes on-call discussion)

  2. Two Mock Interview sessions, followed by immediate feedback.

  3. Audio files of the interview for reference.

INR 15,000

*taxes extra

Essay Reviews

If you are sure about all the other aspects of your application process, but just not sure about the essay, why would you go for the entire application package?

We provide standalone Essay Review services for such cases.


Our extensive knowledge of essays for top MBA and MIM programs helps us provide you the best guidance on winning essays. 

What’s included in the package? 

  1. Detailed discussion on one essay topic and how your approach should be (dedicated on-call session)

  2. Unlimited edits of the essay.

INR 10,000

*taxes extra

DING Analysis

When failure knocks your door, it is best to look within, correct your faults, and rise above again.


If your previous application couldn’t do well, make sure you get it right this time.



Our Ding Analysis service is carefully designed to evaluate your complete application.


We evaluate your application in a similar way as business schools do - across multiple aspects which highlight your academic potential, leadership attributes, personal traits, career progression and future goals, and then move on to assess if you fit with your target school’s values. 

What’s included in the package? 

  1. Comprehensive Evaluation Report including a detailed analysis of your application

  2. Key areas of improvement

  3. Actionable insights on how you could improve your application

INR 4,999

*tax inclusive

Resume Reviews

Building MBA resumes is completely different from building a job resume. There are aspects of your profile which MBA admission committees pay more attention to and would be more interested in knowing, than a regular recruiter.

This is especially important for those who come from highly technical backgrounds. 

Our Resume Review service is for applicants who wish to create resumes which speak to the MBA AdComs. 

What’s included in the package? 

  1. Detailed discussion about how to structure your resume (dedicated on-call session)

  2. Unlimited reviews of the resume

INR 10,000

*taxes extra


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