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Deferred MBA Programs 2021 - Deadlines and Details

Stanford's Deferred MBA allows you to secure an admit to its top-ranking MBA even before finishing undergraduate!

There's no right time to do an MBA. Some candidates find that they need an MBA early on in their careers, while some realize the need of it after having worked a few years in the industry.

However, there are a few who know that they would like to go for an MBA even when they are still in college - and eagerly wait to gain a few years of experience before they go down the road!

For such candidates, a Deferred MBA option often makes a lot of sense - since it can already secure them an admit from a top-ranking business school - even while they have just started their careers! Quite a sweet-spot to be in!

If you would like to learn more about the Deferred MBA programs and how they could add value to your career, check out our earlier article on the topic!

In this article we simply look at the various deadlines and details for some of the most well-known deferred MBA programs around the world.

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