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How to reach out to MBA Alumni?

When aspirants start researching about their B-Schools, reaching out to alumni and admission officers is an almost mandatory step that they need to take.

We caught up with Aditya Singh, an MBA graduate from Duke Fuqua, who provides his insights into HOW one should prepare and present themselves before approaching an alumni or the admissions team.

Aditya also shares which type of questions one should ask, and more importantly, not ask alumni and the preparation one needs to do before they approach others for help.

Check out the detailed video below.

Interested to see the complete interview? Check it out here.


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Piyush Ranjan is the chief consultant for Management Masters. He did his undergrad from IIT-BHU, and then studied at the SIM program of the University of St. Gallen.

He has helped his candidates get admission calls from some of the best schools, such as Wharton, Kellogg, HEC Paris, ISB, NYU Stern, Cambridge and other top Business schools worldwide.

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