HEC Paris MBA is one of the best programs in Europe and is ranked #9 in the world (2020).


In this application strategy guide, we highlight the strategies and frameworks that we used with our candidates to help them create stellar essays, ultimately leading to them receiving admits from the school.


The application for HEC Paris MBA is well-known for its peculiar, unusual essays – which we tackle in detail in this ebook and provide key strategies and methods which can help you answer those questions easily.


This is what you will find in the ebook:

  1. How do you research about different business schools and their programs?
  2. Class profile overview of the HEC Paris MBA program and what it means for you?
  3. Different qualities that HEC Paris looks for, and how to research about the school's values.
  4. Essay writing strategies for the mandatory essays of HEC Paris MBA.
  5. Example and detailed analysis of a real, successful essay from an admit to HEC Paris.

The HEC Paris MBA Strategy Guide



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