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Profile Evaluation: 1 Hour Call

Discover how top business schools evaluate candidates and where you stand compared to your peers. Learn which schools fit your profile and how you can further optimize your candidature for the world's best MBA programs.

Get honest, personalized & highly actionable insights!

Leveraging our ACES framework for an in-depth review

 Academic credentials form the backbone of a strong MBA application - including your undergraduate grades, and GMAT or GRE test scores.

Strong academic performances, especially in quantitative subjects, are heavily favoured by business schools.

Career progression as evaluated by MBA programs is characterised through the length of your career, evolution of responsibilities, quality of your experiences and the impact created.


Further, it depends heavily on how clearly you articulate your story, and align it with your short and long-term Career Goals.

Extracurricular, or extra-professional activities help showcase the other side of your personality - how you engage with your communities.

As business schools try to identify how well you might fit and contribute to their student communities, these extra-activities provide much required clarity to the AdComs.

Self-awareness, of your leadership style, personal qualities and values, is one of the most under-rated and oft-missed part of MBA applications.

All business schools stress upon the Fit-Qualities with their candidates. But you can only know whether you fit or not, if you are aware of your qualities.

500+ profile evaluations and counting... with stellar reviews!


I reached out to Management Masters via LinkedIn and then scheduled 1 hour profile evaluation call.


The discussion started and revolved around "WHY". It was an eye opener session for me as I didn't have much clarity and self-introspection was the one key takeaway from the call.

Avinash Kumar

ISB Admit Co'24

Will this be useful for me? Yes, if you are trying to identify...

...potential target schools to apply to!

columbia business school

...does your profile fit your selected schools? Should you change?

chicago_booth_exterior.jpg to further strengthen your profile!

02-WHARTON.jpg you compare with your peers?



...actionable insights for your MBA  application journey!


Our feedback TRUMPs others...


Our advice is not what you may always want to hear. We highlight all - the good, the bad and the ugly!

Result Oriented

What good is any insight if it is not Actionable!? We help you form a step-by-step action plan for all you need to do to improve your candidature!


As professionals, it is important for us to tell you what is best for you - not what's best for us. If you are punching below your weight, we'll tell you. And vice-versa!


Advice without detailed explanation is as good as junk. We help you understand the in-depth thought process behind our suggestions!


What worked for your friend may not work for you. Our advice is NOT a standard template - it is tailored to you, your life, your vision, and your aspirations!

All that is fine. Who will evaluate my profile!?


Piyush Ranjan

Profile evaluations are done over a detailed 1-hour call with our founder, Piyush. 

Having performed 500+ evaluations for candidates from diverse backgrounds - from IT engineers to doctors, lawyers, military veterans, marketers, finance professionals and others, Piyush brings unparalleled insights into the MBA admission process. 

To top it all, he isn't afraid to call a spade a spade. Through his honest feedback combined with actionable insights and detailed explanations, he provides clear answers to candidates on the various questions they have. 

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