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The 8-Step Process

Our in-house developed MBA application framework has helped candidates receive admits from the best business schools around the world.

8+ hours of story-building | One-to-One personalized connect | No limits on interactions or edits

Image by Nadine Shaabana

The 8-Step Process breaks down the entire MBA application process into structured, easy, manageable step-by-step milestones.

Right from introspecting about your life experiences to your career goals to building your essays - every building block of your MBA application is broken down into its most empirical form to turn a daunting, stressful process into something enjoyable!

What's Special About It?

Single Point of Contact

No running around to different stakeholders who don't know your story! You work with ONE dedicated consultant throughout the process - end-to-end. 

Unlimited Interactions!

Oh Yes! We believe in connecting with our candidates as and when they require. No limits on how many times you talk to us, or wondering how to! Calls, video calls, emails, WhatsApp - everything works!

8+ Dedicated Hours

Every single candidate goes through at least 8 hours of dedicated profile-building workshop sessions! These one-to-one interactions are the cornerstone of the 8-Step Process!

Unlimited Edits!

No limits on how many times you get your essays reviewed. Or your resume. Or your application. 

Our goal is the same as yours - to help you get into your dream MBA!

Face-2-Face Workshops

Through 5+ highly introspective workshops focused on your personal and professional journeys, we ensure that you know what you are talking about in your applications!

Fastest Review TATs

Quick, transparent and honest communications with candidates, forms the basis of our work ethic! We promise one of the fastest document review TATs in the industry - 2 business days!

What is The 8-Step Process?

Step 1

Initial Profile Evaluation

1 Hour

Phone Call with Consultant

To enter the world’s best MBA programs, candidates must have a clear vision of the journey they are undertaking.

We start the process with a deeply introspective call to evaluate and identify the candidate's key strengths and weaknesses, and how both of us would fit for the application process.

The evaluation serves as an important step for us to build the right expectations, and belief in the candidate before we move ahead together on this long process.

Step 2

Identifying Your Key Strengths

2 Hours

One-to-One Workshop over Video Calls

Your application must reflect your key differentiators that help you stand out from the crowd. We provide frameworks to help you identify your strengths, values, and what makes you unique.

During this workshop, the most important thing we look for is to find your UNIQUE experiences, which will help you differentiate yourself from other applicants.

Step 3

Discovering Your Career Story

2 Hours

One-to-One Workshop over Video Calls

An impactful career story is one that has lucid and well-established work experience, with clear learnings and takeaways.

Top-notch business schools look for high-impact professional experiences that align with the goals you wish to pursue. A great career story must clearly identify your career’s major milestones, the challenges faced, the accomplishments and growth, and tangible leadership stories.

Step 4

Finding Your Career Goals

2 Hours

One-to-One Workshop over Video Calls

The final step of the Self-Discovery Process and our third workshop is focused on helping you identify and articulate your short- and long-term goals clearly.

Short- and long-term career plans help schools get a better understanding of your ambitions. With our frameworks and dedicated guidance, we help you identify and portray your goals seamlessly to the schools.

Step 5

Researching & Finalizing Best-Fit Schools

2 Hours

One-to-One Workshop over Video Calls

After evaluating your values, strengths and career goals, we help you create a list of best-fit schools, provide specific frameworks and resources to research about the schools, and advise on the best course of action for you.

Step 6

Choosing Your Recommenders


In parallel with other workshops

Selecting the right referees is one of the most underrated aspects of the MBA application. Connecting with those who can comment on your career and achievements positively can create a huge difference in the admission process.

The discussion on recommendations begins right when we start with the 8-step process. Through all our interactions we help you identify the right referees, and develop a plan of action to get the best recommendations.

Step 7

Building Your Resume

2 Hours

One-to-One Workshop over Video Calls

Through an intense 1-1 workshop, we work with you to create a resume which highlights your biggest strengths and achievements in a way that they bring out the most value for the admissions teams.

Step 8

Reviewing Your Essays

No Limits

Ad-Hoc Process | Phone Calls | WhatsApp | Video Calls (As Required)

Finally, we help you craft compelling essays which understand the nitty-gritties of what admissions teams are looking for, while ensuring that you stay true to yourself.

With unlimited reviews and edits, we make sure that the essays you submit are a perfect representation of your strengths and personality.

All that's good. But what do previous candidates say?


- Clear and structured process - from profile evaluation to goals workshops.
- The process was friendly to a point that I could be completely honest about all my weaknesses.
- Amazing turnaround time to feedback on all essays.

Disha Gurnani


Management Masters did everything well but what I liked the most were the deep dive sessions that helped me better understand my background, storyline, and how best to present my profile. I also really liked the feedback, suggestions and edits throughout the essay review and resume building process.

Varun Chavali


Firstly, the honesty and no unrealistic expectations. Secondly, the personal investment in every step and in every essay and the support extended which made an already iterative process even more comfortable.

Nothing was just transactional and limited by the number of calls one can have and the number of hours I can request, which definitely stood out to me!

Kashish Minocha

HEC Paris

MM helped me deep dive, evaluate and present my stories as best I could. The sessions before working on the essays involved a lot of introspection and allowed me to understand my goals and motivations on a deeper level.

They added structure and a proper timeline to the whole process, Piyush was extremely friendly and always available for a quick chat whenever I needed extra help.

Nawaz NM

Columbia Business School

Sounds good! But is this process meant for me? Yes, if you...

...are done with your GMAT/GRE prep!

columbia business school

...are looking to bring a structure to your MBA prep!


...are planning to apply to multiple top schools!


...have at least 2-3 months for application prep (more, the better)!


...need dedicated, personalized & long-term guidance and not a quick-fix!


Final Question! Who will I work with?


Piyush Ranjan

All candidates work directly with Piyush, our founder (that is me, the one writing this monologue). 

First, investing so much time in the MBA application process with each candidate means that I need to act as a partner, not a consultant.

Second, it is impossible for part-time consultants to dedicate so much time to their candidates! So I do this full-time. 

Third, the 8-Step process ensures no matter how many candidates I work with, everyone gets a massively personal experience! This works because I have strong frameworks and structures in place. Processes, planning and then execution are key!

Finally, quite enough of me. I would love to know more about you. So reach out to us!

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