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The 8-Step Process

To assist your application process and give it an expert-touch, we have developed an in-house, highly detailed 8-step process which helps you in your application journey. With clear frameworks and expert guidelines, this one-to-one process will help you with your application preparation for entering the top-business schools.

We divide the 8-Step process into 2 parts:

  • Self-Discovery Part: This is the part where we focus on discovering your story and identifying the major experiences, strengths, and unique aspects of your profile. The Self-Discovery part consists of our first 3 workshops.

  • The Objective Results Part: This is the part where we focus on the objective results which you expect from the consultancy. This includes identifying the best-fit business schools, helping you to craft your resume, identifying your referees and reviewing your essays for the application.

Step 1: Initial Profile Evaluation

Step 1:

Initial Profile Evaluation


To enter the world’s best MBA and MIM programs, the candidates must have a clear vision of the journey they are undertaking. We start the process with self-reflection - assessing the self. 

This is the first step for us even before working together with candidates on their applications. An honest, detailed evaluation helps us identify the candidate's key strengths and weaknesses.

The evaluation serves as an important step for us to build the right expectations, and belief in the candidate before we undertake this long process.

Step 2: Your Key Strengths

Your application must reflect your key strengths that help you stand out from the crowd. These strengths could include anything from your soft-skills to your technical expertise. 

In this workshop, the most important thing we look for is to find your UNIQUE experiences, which will help you differentiate yourself from other applicants. 

Step 2:

Identifying Your Key Strengths

Step 3: Your Career Story

Step 3:
Your Career Story


​We identify your career story through our second one-to-one workshop. 

An impactful career story is one that has lucid and well-established work experience. Top-notch business schools look for high-impact professional experiences that align with the goals you wish to pursue. A great career story must clearly identify your career’s major milestones, the challenges faced, the accomplishments and growth, and tangible leadership stories. 

Step 4: Your Career Goals

The final step of the Self-Discovery Process and our third one-to-one workshop is focused on helping you identify and articulate your short- and long-term goals clearly. 

The top business schools want to know about your short- and long-term career plans so they can get a better understanding of your ambitions. Figuring out your goals is an important part of the selection process as it can help you present yourself authentically to the schools. With the various frameworks that we have developed and guidance from our expert consultants, identifying your goals becomes a much smoother process.

Step 4:

Finding Your Career Goals

Step 5: B-School Selection

Step 5:

Select Best-Fit B-Schools


While deciding the B-School you should pursue, there is a list of questions you must ask yourself: Is the particular school best suited to your expertise? Do you really like the curriculum and other opportunities that the particular B-School is offering? Does the school align with your goals? 

After evaluating your values and strengths, we help you create a list of schools that cater best to your professional goals, and which compliment and accommodate your career path.

Step 6: Choosing Referees

Every applicant looks for a great recommendation letter that can fetch him/her the college of his/her dreams. Selecting the right referees while applying for the business programs is one of the most complex parts of the application. Connecting with those who can comment on your career and achievements positively can really help you in the selection process. 

We guide you through this complex process through our numerous interactions by helping you identify the right referees, and how you should approach them to seek a strong recommendation. 

Step 6:

Choosing Your Recommenders

Step 7: Building Your Resume

Step 7:


Building Your Resume


The next step in the process is to craft a stellar resume for your dream MBA programs.


Through an intense workshop, we work with you to create a resume which highlights your biggest strengths and achievements in a way that they bring out the most value for the admissions teams. 

Step 8: Essay Reviews

This ultimate step has a major weight in the entire process. Writing essays and reviewing them from both a subjective and objective point of view is utterly essential. 

At Management Masters, we help you craft compelling essays which understand the nitty-gritties of what admissions teams are looking for, while helping you stay true to yourself. With unlimited reviews and edits, we make sure that the essays you submit are a perfect representation of your strengths and personality.

Step 8:

Essay/SOP Writing and Reviews


Our Packages

Check out our Complete Application Packages for MBA and MIM applications! 

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