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Self Introspection for Top MBA Programs

Updated: Mar 16

In our previous articles we talked about the various steps involved in crafting a star profile for MBA applications for the best programs in the world. In this article, we will start diving deeper into these steps - to provide insights into how you can find key experiences that you should highlight in your applications.

Thousands of candidates apply to the top schools, fighting for a few hundred seats. So what does it take for some of them to be able to get that coveted call from the school?

What do the successful candidates do differently from the ones who get “dinged”?

Well, the above question itself has the answer.

Successful candidates differentiate themselves from the rest of the group.

When it comes to applying to top MBA programs, it is critical that you stand apart from the cohort of applications that these programs receive. Otherwise, you are just a needle in the haystack. Very difficult to find.

So what can you do? How can you be different? How can you be unique?

Every single person is a product of his/her circumstances and experiences. This is what makes everyone unique.

Let’s start there.

  1. Identify the different categories in which you can classify your life experiences - for example: you can have categories for your personal achievements, professional achievements, hobbies, passions, special talents and many others.

  2. Start writing down your experiences. Assign these experiences into the different categories that you have created. For example: I would put my debating experience in college in the category for personal achievements.

  3. The most important step: Identify which of those experiences are the most impactful.

Once you have a list of your top 5 impactful experiences - you know your differentiators. Use these experiences as the ones to highlight in your resume, in your essays and SOP. That will ensure that the admission committees are able to spot you easily.


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