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ISB Application Package

Apply Confidently to India's Best MBA program!

Built on the same format as our comprehensive 8-Step process for international MBA programs, our ISB application package is a highly personalized, focused and rigorous program that has helped numerous candidates build successful applications for the Indian School of Business.

From introspecting about your life experiences to career goals to building your essays - every building block of your ISB application is broken down into its most empirical form to turn a daunting, stressful process into something enjoyable!

With an incredible 80%+ success rate, this package has helped candidates move closer to their dreams, even when it was the only business school they applied to!

I didn't have anything in mind regarding what I wanted to write or tell in my application to the AdCom when I started the process, So the initial brainstorming sessions really helped in identifying my stories.

Also, I really liked the quick turnaround time on essay and resume reviews. I would WhatsApp you regarding updates to my essays, and would receive very quick responses and feedback on each aspect of the application.

Finally, the mock interviews helped set the expectations as the kind of questions that came up during the actual interview were on the lines of what I had already prepared for!

Shikha Raina
ISB (Co22)
Currently working as Project Leader, Bain

Avinash Kumar.jpg

During the entire process, starting from the Profile Evaluation call till the time we submitted the application, one thing which was constant throughout was the focus on putting in my best application. Key things that I liked were:

1. In the Profile Evaluation Call, it was more of a "Why" which pushed me to self-introspect. The same was repeated in the subsequent calls where we discussed my career story and goals. This introspection helped me build clarity on why I wanted to pursue this journey and how to present myself.
2. As a professional service, you were always reachable and highly responsive!

Avinash Kumar
ISB (Co24)
Past exp: Project Management in IT

1-1 Workshops

3 highly personalized workshops to develop your personal and professional stories for MBA applications.

4+ Contact Hours

We spend on average 4+ contact hours with our candidates just on developing their application story.

No Editing Limits

Unlimited Edits for essays & resume. We have just one goal, to ensure that you apply with the best possible application.

Anytime Contact

We do not restrict the number of phone calls, or when can you connect with us to clarify any doubts or questions.

The ISB Application Process

Step 1: Initial Profile Evaluation

The first step for us is to have a detailed, honest conversation - regarding your candidature, personality, values, aspirations, career progression, goals, and why you want to apply to ISB, over a dedicated 1-hour call session. Having an open conversation helps us understand your background, and the strengths and weaknesses of your candidature for ISB. This allows us to further provide clear, actionable guidance on the next steps.

PS: Please note that this is a chargeable session. However, should we proceed to work together post this call, these charges are adjusted into the overall costs so you don't end up paying anything extra.

In case WE refuse to work with a candidate post this conversation, these costs are refunded.

Step 2: Key Profiling Call

This workshop is the centerpiece of the entire application process for ISB. During this 2-hour marathon video call, we dive deep into helping you understand how ISB evaluates their candidates and what they look for.

Simultaneously, we help you identify key experiences and facets of your story and how to present them to the admissions committees to evoke a positive response! We extensively discuss personal and professional experiences that have shaped you, your overall career story, and their alignment with your goals during this session.

During this session, we also finalize the timelines for the subsequent steps.

Step 3: Resume Building Workshop

This workshop is focused on helping you build the academic, professional and extra-curricular sections on the ISB application form. We provide you direction, structures and proven frameworks to build out these sections, which essentially serve as a resume for ISB applications.

Step 4: Essay Reviews & LORs

Having built the foundation of your overall candidature, identified your key experiences, values and strengths, and aligned your career story with your goals - we have everything we need to start working on your essays together.

We help you structure the essays through dedicated brainstorming sessions and provide essential frameworks to craft your essays for subsequent reviews. There are no limits to how many times we review your essays.

Similarly, we help identify the best recommenders for you, and provide actionable advice on how to approach the letter of recommendation for ISB.

Step 5: Final Review

Once all aspects of the application are finished, we extensively review your final application before you hit submit!

Our Results Speak!

23 ISB Applications

19 Interview Invitations

16 Successful Stories

ISB Application Package

Complete Application Package

ISB only

INR 60,000/-

*+18% GST extra

One thing I really liked was the introspection involved with the process. It's been 24-25 years of my life, and there have been so many incidents that have shaped me as a person. Diving deep into those experiences helped me understand why I wanted to do an MBA, what my passions were, and great perspective regarding my stories.

Additionally, being in consulting since inception I always believed  I was a good storyteller with nuanced drafting skills. Then I met Piyush.

Everyone who read my essays was awestruck, without exception. In fact, they were so good, that a constant feedback I got was - how are you ever gonna live up to this standard in your interviews?

Oshank Mittal
ISB (Co24)
CA, Past exp: Manager at KPMG


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