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The MBA Project: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is The MBA Project?
    The MBA Project is a 5-week immersive learning program aimed at International MBA aspirants.
  • What is the objective of The MBA Project?
    TMP serves 5 major objectives. 1. Help MBA aspirants build a better understanding of their current profile, and provide personalized feedback on how they could optimize their profile for their dream MBA programs. 2. Provide clear, unbiased information and bust myths surrounding MBA applications. 3. Connect aspirants with MBA alumni and students. 4. Augment the Essay-Writing Skills of aspirants by providing clear structures and frameworks for writing essays. 5. Provide an objective approach towards selecting the best-fit business schools for candidates.
  • When does the program start?
    The second cohort will start on August 15th, 2021.
  • Who should apply for The MBA Project?
    The MBA Project is designed keeping in mind the needs of both current and future MBA aspirants. For current aspirants, the program can help you understand the key strengths and weaknesses of your profile. At the same time, it can also help you improve your essay-writing skills, suggest how to go about selecting your target schools and help you connect with MBA alumni from top B-Schools around the world, whose insights can be amazingly useful during your applications. For future aspirants, you get all the above benefits and have the leeway of 1-2 years or more before you start with your applications. This provides you a unique opportunity to optimize your profile and iron out any weaknesses that might hinder your applications when the time comes.
  • Is TMP a paid program?
    Yes. The charges for TMP are INR 19,900/- (inclusive of taxes). Discounts may be available for specific cohorts. Please refer to the program description page for more details.
  • Is TMP an Online Course?
    TMP is an amalgamation of multiple instruction channels - online recorded sessions as well as live webinars, and panel-discussions. There will be tasks, assignments and deadlines to follow during the program. There are No certifications provided post-completion.
  • Is TMP selective, or everyone can join the program?"
    TMP is a selective program, where the cohort-members will be provided personalized guidance to work on their profiles. Hence the number of seats for are limited.
  • Will there be more cohorts?
    Yes. TMP will be adding more cohorts as we move ahead. Subsequent cohorts will be planned at an interval of few months.
  • How to Apply for The MBA Project?
    1. Apply for the TMP through this link: 2. You will be informed of your selection for the program within a week after the deadline. 3. Pay and Enrol for the program.
  • What is the application fees for TMP?
    The application fees is INR 200/-, and is non-refundable.
  • What is the program fees for TMP?
    The charges are INR 19,900/- per person, inclusive of taxes. For the selected candidates, the application fees will be adjusted into the program fees.
  • Is TMP open for Non-Indian candidates?
    Unfortunately at this time the TMP is open only for Indian candidates.
  • When will I be informed of my selection?
    You will be informed within one week after the application deadline regarding your selection.
  • I was selected for TMP but I will not be able to attend the current cohort. Can I transfer my selection to the next batch?
    Once you have enrolled for TMP, unfortunately we are unable to transfer your selection to another cohort.
  • How long will I have access to the online modules and live-sessions?
    All recorded online sessions will be available to the selected candidates for one month after their program ends. However, any assignments or personal evaluations will need to be completed as per the pre-defined timeline that will be communicated to the selected candidates.
  • Will you also assist us with our MBA applications?
    The MBA Project is only meant to help candidates understand the various facets of the MBA application process and to provide avenues for candidates to improve their profiles. It does not entail any other services that are offered by Management Masters. If you need help on any specific aspects of your MBA applications, please explore our overall services.
  • I don't want my employers to know that I am preparing for MBA. How can TMP take care of that?
    All information that applicants share with us are kept strictly confidential. Your personal information will never be used without your express consent for any marketing activities.

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