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Indian Male Engineer from PSU to Duke Fuqua MBA

Updated: Mar 15

Check out detailed interviews with candidates who have pursued some of the most highly-ranked MBA programs from the top business schools. These candidates will share with you various aspects of the application process, what worked for them and what didn't, and also provide tips on how to go about preparing your applications for these top programs.

In this update, we interview Aditya Singh. Aditya pursued his MBA from Duke Fuqua, one of the top business schools in world (currently ranked 16th worldwide, by the FT Rankings), and has been working with Bain for the past 2 years. A resident of Varanasi, he previously worked at BPCL, one of India's largest oil companies.

In the interview, Aditya shares lots of amazing advice about preparing for MBA applications for aspirants.

Check out the complete video interview below.

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