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How to Make it to ISB - Advice from a Senior Alumni

Updated: Mar 15

Watch detailed interviews with candidates who have pursued some of the most highly-ranked MBA programs from the top business schools. These candidates will share with you various aspects of the application process, what worked for them and what didn't, and also provide tips on how to go about preparing your applications for these top programs.

In this article, we interview Harsh Agarwal.

Harsh graduated from IIT-BHU Varanasi, and went on to work with some of the biggest tech-companies in the world. Eventually, as he felt the need to focus his career in the product management domain, he decided it was time for him to pursue an MBA degree.

Harsh graduated from the Indian School of Business, one of the best business schools in the subcontinent, and currently works as a product manager.

You can check out the complete video interview below.



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